A few of our local Rivers and Creeks

Durango, CO

Animas River

A stunning, free-flowing river that tumbles its way from the high peaks of the San Juan mountains surrounding Silverton, down through Durango, Colorado before heading into New Mexico and merging with the San Juan. The Animas features many miles of high quality whitewater, ranging from Class II to Class V+.

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a group of people riding rafts down a river.

Near Pagosa Springs, CO

Piedra River

This river offers exceptionally beautiful and varied wild trout fishing for large fish combined with a long and interesting Class IV whitewater run. Uncrowded and remote it is a high mountain gem.

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a man riding a green kayak on top of a river.

Near Durango, CO

Vallecito Creek

"The best mile of boating in Colorado", it is crystal clear water flowing through an incredible granite gorge, with some of the highest quality drops to be found.

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a man riding a kayak down a river next to a rocky cliff.

Near Silverton, CO

Lime Creek

High altitude, low-volume fun, in a beautiful setting. Lime Creek is a must for experienced boaters passing through the Southwest

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a man is kayaking down a rapid river.

Near Silverton, CO

South Mineral Creek

Steep creeking, Class V. This is a great run to do laps on for park-and-run fun.

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Near Silverton, CO

Coal Creek

Do you feel the traditional Durango steep creeks are not enough? Want to scare yourself a bit? Then Coal Creek could be for you!

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a person in a green kayak in a body of water.

Colorado River

The legendary Colorado River is the final destination for most creeks and rivers surrounding us and forms the drainage basin for most of the Southwest US. The Colorado hosts many classic stretches of multi-day whitewater (and LOTs of flatwater.)

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two people in a raft on a river.

Near Bluff, UT

San Juan River

Born as snow on Southern Colorado's Continental Divide, the San Juan traverses the northwest corner of New Mexico before bending into Utah near the Four Corners Monument. Meandering through the sculpted painted canyons in southeast Utah, the San Juan eventually joins the Colorado River under what is now Lake Powell.

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a mountain side with a body of water in front of it.

River of Sorrows

Dolores River

The Dolores, or "River of Sorrows" lives up to its name. This high-desert gem, which scenery rivals that of the Grand Canyon, has been tragically de-watered for years on end, thanks to over-allocation for crops that are unsustainable in a desert environment.

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Gunnison River

Perfect for the adventurous class III/IV paddler, the Gunnison Gorge features a 1 mile hike down the steep and dusty Chukar Trail, 10 miles of paddling within a deep, beautiful gorge with scattered class III and IV rapids, and a 4 mile flatwater paddle out, the Gunnison Gorge can be a long day trip, but is best done as an overnighter.

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a man riding a kayak down a river surrounded by rocks.

Near Delta, CO

Escalante Creek

Located just north of Delta, Colorado, Escalante Creek doesn't look like a typical whitewater destination. With plenty of cactus, sagebrush and 400 foot sandstone cliffs, its hard to believe the area is home to a great stretch of whitewater.

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a man riding a wave on top of a surfboard.


To sum it up… this is probably the fastest wave you will ever surf. The speed of the water and the steepness of the wave lead to potentially huge air.

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