M Wave
Cruise Quenelle

It may just be a ditch to some people. But if you happen to show up to this bad land ditch with a playboat then get ready for a ride. To sum it up… this is probably the fastest wave you will ever surf. The speed of the water and the steepness of the wave lead to potentially huge air.

The M-Wave will give up blunts, back-stabs, air screws and out of control spins. This wave is not only for surfing, but is also a great launch ramp to learn downriver wave moves on. Aerial kick-flips and pistol-flips are just a few of the possible downriver moves. Sound amazing? Well, get ready for the eddy lines and reactionary waves because they are a man-made vortex of water that just wants to toy with you. Top that with concrete walls that extend into those eddies to make this one intense wave.

Ben Newman

As Cruise Quenelle says, "It's game on from the time you launch off the bridge till you get out of the water."

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