Class V+ Silverton, CO

Coal Creek

Do you feel the traditional Durango steep creeks are not enough? Want to scare yourself a bit? Then Coal Creek could be for you! The same powder that you're shredding in the winter off Coal Bank Pass, is the same water molecules you could be hucking yourself down Coal Creek in the Spring. Very cool!! Keep in mind this is an evening run, early in the day there is not much water in the creek.

Park 150 yards past where Coal Creek runs under Lime Creek Road and begin your scout on river right towards Lime Creek. What you will find is one continues stretch of Class V+ waterfalls and mank. Put in as far upstream as the flow allows.

Once you’re past the large boulder on river right then you are in for one wild ride of ten foot wide S-turns and eddy-less corners. A large bush on river right and the tops of trees off the horizon line marks the start of the crux. The action starts off strong with an auto-boof 20-foot falls with a deep landing. Aim right going off or you will crash into the wall on river left.

Get set fast after stomping your boof because you have at most two strokes before the off-vert 30-footer. Melt off the center and hang on for the reconnect with the off-vert part about half way down. Catch you breath and stay in the center of the current for the next fifty feet because here comes the last 20-footer. Crank a righty off the left side and keep your bow up because a gravel bar makes it shallow at times. After deliberately pinning yourself and waiting on your partner to come over the last horizon line make you way down the ensuing steep mank.

Have your lines picked well because pins are likely in here. Keep your eyes peeled for face level branches as the water picks up speed on its way to the confluence with Lime Creek. Just before you hit Lime Creek you will find the final rapid of the run, which is considered slightly more difficult. Drive hard right of the skateboard jump and miss it altogether.

When Coal is in, Lime is huge so catch the first eddy on river right and gawk at the humbling Adrenaline Falls. Your beers are waiting up the trail and so is the double dip if you dare.