South Mineral Creek

Huck the System
Warren Starrett at Huck the System

Steep creeking, Class V. This is a great run to do laps on for park-and-run fun. It is set in a steep, twisting gorge and is best run when Lime Creek is flowing. Combine it with a Lime day or run it on your way to Durango from points north.Just above Mineral Creek Campground, scout the 1/2 mile gorge. Be careful because the runnable section is bookended by class VI sections. Look for a 20' falls visible from a large clearing as you drive up the road. This lies about 1/3 of the way into the run. After this comes Shish-Ka-Bob, a large slide with a possible hidden log (hence the name) on the left and a big pool on the right.

Below lies the Cauldron which is usually clean, but always warrants a decent scout, followed by a a few hundred yards of boatable water before the Class VI begins.

Directions: Drive approx. 2.5 miles up U.S. Highway 550 north of Silverton, CO to the Forest Service, South Mineral Rd. Go 5 miles to the Campgound (you'll pass another campground on the left before this one). Continue above the campground to start your scout, 4x4 is recommended.


Visual, but you can estimate based on the Mineral Creek at Silverton gauge (less than half).

The Cauldron
Top of the Cauldron, paddler Riley