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Will Berger

1. Whitewater Kayakers

2. Rafters

3. Fishing and Recreation

4. Paddleboarders

5. Overlanders


Top 5 Gifts for Whitewater Kayakers

1. Werner Powerhouse


Werner Powerhouse


The Werner Powerhouse Whitewater Kayak Paddle offers amazing power and responsiveness needed for big creeks and river running. Full size blades are evenly balanced to create a clean catch that is immediately powerful and smooth through out the entire stroke. Upgrade to the Carbon Powerhouse for more energy transfer with each stroke.

2. IR Lucky Charm Spray Skirt


IR Lucky Charm


The Immersion Research Lucky Charm is IR's latest and greatest rubber rand spray skirt design, with a “fin” style rand designed to create an effective water barrier on even the most challenging rims. An improved high-viz grab handle makes exits easy, and a general overhaul of the skirt fit-range help to encompass the new generation of wider cockpit rims, particularly Jackson kayaks.

3. Dagger Code


Dagger Code


The Dagger Code Whitewater Kayak is a new creek boat / river runner from Dagger that combines the performance of the Phantom with the agility and friendliness of the Mamba. A planning hull, wide stern profile for stability and high-rise bow rocker will be a welcome update to a classic design. The new Code is sure to be modern classic for every level of whitewater paddler.

4. Astral Green Jacket


Astral Green Jacket


The Astral Greenjacket Rescue PFD has been one of our best selling Class V PFDs for several years now. Featuring Astral's "Freestyle Tectonic" 2-piece front panel, the Greenjacket is designed to move with your upper body while staying tight and in-place around your lower torso. The Greenjacket also features an oversized clamshell pocket with multiple compartments, added back protection, fleece hand warmer sleeve and a variety of safety features.

5. Sweet Protection Wanderer


Sweet Protection Wanderer



The Sweet Wanderer is an all-round performer with superior protection properties, giving you the protection Sweet is legendary for, without breaking the bank. Engineered with the durable and super impact resistant ABS Shell and further strengthened with our Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Shell (CRP) technology on strategic areas. The Wanderer was recently rated as the safest helmet for whitewater kayaking and rafting. 



Top 5 Gifts for Rafters

1. Astral Ringo/Laya

Astral Layla

With similar designs, the Astral Layla and the Astral Ringo are comfortable and performance oriented PFD's. The 4-way articulating front panels with Princess Hinge technology provide lots of articulation that will accommodate just about any body shape. 3/4 front entry, large stow pocket and Quick Release belt compatibility round out the all-star features of this PFD.

2. Lava Box

volcan propane firebox


The LavaBox Vol-CAN-No is your way around those pesky campfire bans! This propane powered fire box allows you to have a camp fire anywhere camp stove use is allowed. Warm your hands on the patio or throw it in the Jeep and head to the mountains. The Tabletop is made from a very portable, ultra-tough 50 Cal. Ammo Can with 120,000 BTUs of awesome s’more making fire. Fire it up when you are tailgating, hunting with buddies or at the campsite with the family

3. NRS Outfitter Bag

NRS Outfitter Bag

If you are looking for a workhorse of a dry bag, look no further than the NRS Outfitter Dry Bag. The heavy duty outer shell is built to last for many seasons of use, while the padded carrying straps making transport simple. Availble in three sizes, the Outfitter bag is ready for whatever you can throw at it. 

4. Paco Pad


After you sleep one night on a Jack's Plastic Welding Paco Pad, it is hard to imagine using anything else on the river or in the back of your truck. Each Paco Pad is constructed with Heavy Duty, waterproof PVC (the same material used to build rafts) covering high density foam, and has a water tight, self inflating air valve. 

5. Sweet Protection Strutter

Sweet Strutter

The Sweet Strutter Whitewater Helmet is a river icon offering impressive low-volume protection for playboating, rafting, or stand-up paddle boarding. Long Fiber Thermoplastic (LFT) shell technology offers the perfect combination of elasticity and rigidity, and the ultra rigid internal carbon fiber frontal shell strengthens the helmet and covers your temples. 



Top 5 Gifts for Fishing and Recreation Kayakers

1. Stohlquist Coaster

Stohlquist Coaster


The Stohlquist Coaster PFD is an excellent choice for recreational paddlers and the featured Thin Back Design makes it more comfortable and compatible with boats that have a high seat back. This vest also features plenty of storage for keys, sunglasses, and cold beverages.

2. NRS Tuff Sack

Tuff Sack


The NRS Tuff Sack Roll-Top Dry Bag is a ultra durable and waterproof PVC dry bag that is designed for longevity and optimal dryness. Featuring the StormStrip system, roll top closure, and heavy-duty plastic buckles the Tuff Sack keeps gear dry on the river.

3. Werner Tybee

Werner Tybee


The high angle blade design of the Werner Tybee Touring Kayak Paddle is direct from Werner's Performance line, but at a more affordable price point and is a great choice for those that like a faster cadence.

4. Jackson Staxx

Jackson Staxx


The Jackson Staxx is a new versatile rec / fishing kayak that features top-end performance and design in an economical package. A fast but stable hull design provides the best of both worlds, while the versatile outfitting allows easy adjustment to fit the demands of each user, while also allowing the seat back to be stowed for ease of transport or storage, or even stacked on top of each other!


5. Salamander Kayak Cart


 kayak carry cart

The Salamander Kayak Cart - SOT Scupper Balloon will make transporting your kayak to the water or your car a breeze. The adjustable Scupper posts allow for easy loading and unloading.

Standup Paddleboarders

1. Valle Santiago

Valle Santiago


The Valle Santiago stand up paddleboard is designed for cruising across lakes or paddling up river. It's sleek design and lightweight PVC will make this board fly on the water and is incredibly easy to throw on top of any car.

2. The Shark



The Outdoor Master Shark II 12v Electric High Pressure SUP Pump is your answer to not being exhaused before you even get on the water! This dual-stage electric pump will allow you to inflate your paddle board to full pressure, up to 20 psi, by simply setting the pressure desired and pressing start.

3. Werner Zen

Werner Zen


The Werner Zen 85 3-piece SUP paddle offers premium performance due to its lightweight construction, stiffness, and durability. The design features a slightly longer, slender blade that has an easier catch allowing for a faster cadence with less fatigue.



Designed by river lovers, for river lovers! SOL SUPs are are top choice for quality and affordability, with a range of designs for down-river, surf and flat-water use.

5. Kokatat Hustle

Kokatat Hustle

The Kokatat Hustle Whitewater PFD is low-profile and designed to maximize paddler's mobility. This low cut PFD uses pre-curved Gaia foam that is comfortable and environmentally conscious.



Top 5 Picks for Overlanders 

1. Yakima Mega Warrior

yakima mega warrior, truck accessory

Go beast mode with the Yakima MegaWarrior cargo basket. The  wide body fits any gear you can huck into its XL bay.

2. Scepter Wager Jug

Scepter Water Jug

Scepter Heavy Duty Water Jugs might be the last water containers you ever purchase. No matter where you are or what you're doing, fresh, clean water is always a necessity. These water containers are just the ticket, lightweight and super tough so you'll have water wherever you go.

3. Luci Light

Luci Lights

The Luci Solar String Lights adds extra ambiance to any adventure with warm white light across an 18-foot cord. Solar powered, with mobile charging, these string lights are perfect for kayakers, hikers, or campers of any type. Up your basecamp game with this ultimate crowd pleaser.

4. Pop Up Pit

Pop-Up Pit

Cut down on bulk and weight in your boat with the Fireside Pop-Up Pit Fire Pan with Heat Shield. Lightweight, clean burning and a quick, easy setup, the Pop-Up Pit is the best way to have a fire, anywhere, anytime and on any surface. 

5. Canyon Outfitter Series

Canyon Outfitter 75

If you're looking for performance on a budget, look no further than the Canyon Outfitter Series Coolers. Available in 4 sizes (35qt, 50qt, 75qt and 125qt), the Outfitter provides equal performance to other name brand coolers, at a significantly lower price point. The Outfitters feature an insulation thickness of 2 inches, recessed latches, molded-in strap slots for easy rigging, neoprene lid gaskets, a lifetime warranty and a slew of other features.



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