Jacks Plastic Welding Yak Inflatable Kayaks

Yak Inflatable Kayaks
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Jacks Plastic Welding

Yak Inflatable Kayaks

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The Jacks Yaks are back!  Available in either single or tandem, the Jacks Yaks feature 12 inch diminishing tubes and a 4 inch stiff  PVC drop-stitch floor for maximum performance, durability and cargo capacity.  Ample rocker and diminished tubes allow the Yak to ride high on waves and punch through holes with ease.  The drop stitch floor (similar to a paddleboard) provides a solid platform for gear hauling and a responsive, fast feel to the boat.  Get out and see the river with the Jacks Yak solo or tandem inflatable kayaks!  10 year manufacturers warranty.


Model Length Width
Solo 11 ft 17.5 in
Tandem 13.5 ft 17.5 in

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