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Introducing the new LiquidLogic Powerslide, a slalom-influenced 10' half-slice with a low-rocker design that allows for fast and effortless maneuvering downstream, upstream, and through banks and eddy turns. The subtle kick rocker near the seat makes it easy to carve through and glide across currents, effortlessly sliding onto glassy waves and catching them on the fly. The chines add to the smooth, loose feeling of the boat while the low stern allows for quick pivot turns and for lifting the bow during downstream moves. If you love going fast, carving turns, and surfing big glassy faces, the Powerslide is the perfect choice for you. By combining the speed and maneuverability of modern slalom kayaks with a playful planing hull and modern bow rocker we’ve created a boat that will give you the power to redefine how you paddle rivers.

  • Slalom inspired down-river design
  • Low tail rocker for speed and agility
  • High rocker bow for keeping the bow up and dry
  • Slender mid-section for a high-performance feel
  • Strong chines for precision handling
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Length Width Volume Weight Paddler Weight Cockpit
10' 25 in 75 gal
48 lbs 120-240 lbs LG