Coyote River Gear Cargo Spider

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Coyote River Gear

Cargo Spider

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The Coyote Cargo Spider is a great alternative to cargo nets or other top-side rigging setups. Use the Cargo Spider to tie down small or large piles of gear with 6 girth-hitch webbing straps that attach to the d-rings or frame of your raft or cataraft. 6 cam buckles sewn into a stainless steel ring bring it all together, giving you a secure and highly adjustable gear rigging setup.

The problem with cargo nets is that if you don't have enough gear to fill in the slack, the cargo net will be too loose and, ultimately, ineffective. Even still, without running a strap through every piece of gear, there's always a chance of something slipping out the sides. The Cargo Spider solves this issue by allowing you to cinch down each attachment point for maximum tightness and security and with 6 separate straps, you'll have plenty of length to attach every item in your gear pile.

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