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River Surfer 104

River Surfer 104

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The Badfish River Surfer that became the standard for all other river surfing SUP’s has been refreshed with carbon vector net and reinforced fin boxes. Even a legend needs a little makeover once in a while. Featuring a single-wing swallow tail, the Badfish River Surfer 104 maintains its volume to surf effectively in river waves while a narrower tail allows it to turn harder and tighter. 

  • FCS tri-fin
  • Gore-Tex vented
  • Carry handle
  • EPS/Fiberglass construction
  • Full deck EVA traction 

The River Surfer is built for performance over durability. If durability is a priority, please consider an inflatable board. There is no warranty on the River Surfer once it has been on the water. 

SKU: 100596-SM

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Length Width Thickness Weight Volume Rider Capacity
6'4" 28" 4 5/8" 17 lbs 104 L 100 - 250lbs