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River Surfer 104

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Color - White

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Even a legend needs a little makeover once in a while. The Badfish River Surfer that became the standard for all other river surfing SUP’s has been refreshed. With a single-wing swallow tail, it maintains its volume to surf effectively in river waves, but a narrower tail allows it to turn harder and tighter. The 140 is based on the volume of the original River Surfer, for larger riders or smaller, slower waves. Smaller riders, check out the River Surfer 104.

  • FCS tri-fin
  • Gore-Tex vented
  • Carry handle
  • EPS/Fiberglass construction
  • Full deck EVA traction
SKU #100596-SM
Length Width Thickness Weight Volume
6'11" 31" 5" 18 lbs 140 L