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Rip-R Evo

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The Pyranha Rip-R Evo is designed specifically focused on maximum performance in Extreme Whitewater Slalom. With the inclusion of the sport in the 2024 Olympic Games, Pyranha realized the need to maximize competition performance, and thus the Rip-R Evo was born!

This boat is narrower, sharper, and faster edge to edge for precisely placed speed where and when it counts. We don't doubt you'll find yourself smiling as you're blazing past the competition, too.

**This boat is designed for closed competition use only and is not recommended for regular river use. It is built to lighter specs than a true whitewater kayak and does not have the same built-in safety features and outfitting as other Pyranha whitewater kayaks.**

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Size Length Volume Weight
65 8'10 43 gal 40 lbs
75 8'10 50 gal 43 lbs