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Down River

Oar Tower-With Brass Bushing

Oar Tower-With Brass Bushing

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The Down River Oar Tower w/ Bushing is their oar tower upgraded with bushings to prolong the life of the tower. Cast aluminum is a softer metal, in general, so they drill out their standard tower and press in oil impregnated bronze bushings that significantly prolong the life of your tower.   

  • Oar Tower height - 11" bottom to top (8.5" effective height from top of frame) or 15" bottom to top (12.5" effective height)
  • Bases are made to fit on both 1 1/2" nominal (DRE) and 1 1/4" nominal (NRS) pipe.
  • Oar towers can be cut to size with a band saw or chop saw.
  • Priced and sold individually.

***Oar towers and oar bases are sold separately and individually. If you need a full pair, you will need to order 2 appropriately sized bases (sold separately), and 2 towers**

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