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Down River

Oar Tower Bases

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Use the Down River Oar Tower Bases to attach the Down River Oar Towers to your frame. Oar towers and bases sold separately and individually. If you need a full pair, you will need to order 2 appropriately sized bases, and 2 towers. Bases sold for either DRE XD (1.5" nominal) or DRE LD / NRS (1.25" nominal) frames. Towers are 1.5" nominal only and will fit in either the LD or XD Base.

  • Bases are made to fit on both 1 1/2" nominal (DRE) and 1 1/4" nominal (NRS) pipe.
  • All items priced and sold individually.
  • Pictured with NRS Superston Oar Lock (sold separately).

SKU #32510-d