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E-Series Rafts

E-Series Rafts

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For NRS E-Series Rafts, E stands for Expedition. If you’re one of those diehard boaters who habitually venture out to battle the sharpest rocks, swiftest currents and ugliest conditions, then these absolutely bomber rafts are for you. The tubes and self-bailing floors are built with super heavy-duty 1670-denier /48 oz. Pennel Orca fabric. The entire underside of the boat is then covered with an additional layer of commercial grade HD-40 floor armor. A Pennel Orca wear patch is added on top to protect the tubes from frame chafe. For safety on long trips, the main tubes are divided into four separate air chambers, providing extra security in emergency situations. Trouble-free Leafield C7 valves ensure easy inflation while a Leafield A6 pressure relief valve protects the floor. Built to be outfitter tough, this may be the last raft the private boater will ever need to buy. Don't need the outfitter grade construction of the E-Series? Check out its little brother, the Otter Series Rafts.

The NRS E130 and E136 are the most compact E-Series boats, meant for small volume rivers

The NRS E140 and E150 are the most versatile sizes, meant for average volume rivers with paddle crews or frame rigs.

The NRS E160 and E180 are the big gear haulers, meant for large volume rivers like the Colorado.

*NRS also has several variations on these sizes in the E-Series, like the 161, 142, Nez Perce, Hualapai, Cheyenne, Dodger XL, etc. We can special order any of these boats that you may be interested in. Other colors available also. Availability is extremely limited on these boats. Call for more info.*

NRS E-Series rafts feature:

  • Pennel Orca 1670d Hypalon
  • Welded I-Beam Self-Bailing Floor with HD-40 Floor Armor
  • 6-8 EasyCarry handles,
  • 14 stainless steel 2" D-rings
  • Removable thwarts with the exclusive NRS BAT (Batten Attachment Thwarts) System.
  • 10-year warranty, 6-year commercial
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Size Length Width Weight Tube Diameter Frame Length Frame Width Rocker
E120 12'3 6'3 117 lbs 18.5 in 60 in 60 in 28 in
E130 13' 6'2 123 lbs 18 in 72 in 60 in 28 in
E136 13'6 6'6 134 lbs 20 in 73 in 60 in 30 in
E140 14' 7' 148 lbs 20 in 82 in 66 in 29 in
E142 14' 6'6 141 lbs 20 in 82 in 60 in 30.5 in
E150 15' 7' 153 lbs 20 in 94 in 66 in 29 in
E160 16' 7'7 188 lbs 22 in 88 in 72 in 32 in
E180 18' 8'4 217 lbs 24 in 100 in 82 in 34.5 in