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Jackson Kayak

RockStar V

RockStar V

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Color - Cotton Candy


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The Jackson RockStar V started with a goal to make the best boat for every wave and hole on the planet. They combined the best qualities of two decades of play boats into a sweet, new shape that's a game-changer in this category. The hull takes inspiration from boats like the 2014 Rockstar and the legendary 2010 All Star for a higher-floating, easy to paddle feel. The new double-railed drop chine system gives the 5.0 the highest planing performance of any boat yet--on big waves and small, this boat is FAST, LOOSE, and hops effortlessly into the air. The bow is among the sliciest Jackson has ever made for easy control in holes and flatwater. A raised knee profile provides for lots of leg-room and extra big-air volume. The volume distribution bow to stern is better balanced than any previous version. You'll love the updated, comfy outfitting package which includes the new Bees Knees thigh hook system, the Sweet Cheeks custom shape-able seat pad, our Sure-Lock Backband kit, and a newly redesigned foam foot block! Everything you need to take your playboating to the next level!
  • The Rockstar V borrows the best features of previous designs
  • Fast, loose, slicier bow and improved volume distribution all around
  • More comfort with raised knee profiles, updated outfitting package
  • New Bee's Knees thigh hooks included!
  • Double rail hull and concave sidewall for a stiffer hull
  • Shorter, lighter weight, with less rotational mass
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Size Length Width Height Volume Weight Paddler Weight Skirt Size
SM 5'4 24.75 in 14 in 50 gal 26.5 lbs 100-160 lbs LG
MD 5'8 26.125 in 14.875 in 59 gal 29 lbs 140-200 lbs XL
LG 5'11 27.5 in 15.5 in 69 gal 34 lbs 180-240 lbs XL