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Jacks Plastic

Royal Flush 15' Cataraft

Royal Flush 15' Cataraft

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The 15 foot Jack's Plastic Royal Flush tubes are a great choice for those looking for a cat that can handle lots of gear, but isn't too big for low to mid volume rivers like the Animas, Salt or Dolores. Rockered blunt tip tubes allow for a shorter overall profile while retaining the waterline of a longer boat. This allows for faster spins, while at the same providing more weight capacity than similar sized non-rockered tubes.

The Royal Flush is constructed with 42 oz welded PVC on the bottom and 35 oz on top for maximum durability. Each tube features two cone shaped baffles, which will extend to 2/3 the length of the tube should one chamber go flat. Blunt tips help keep a long waterline while cutting down on the overall length and offer some bounce should unexpected encounters with a rock wall occur. The Royal Flush tubes come with a 10 year manufacturers warranty.

Also available in 22 inch diameter, 14.5' length tubes. Please contact for details and pricing.

*Price is for tubes only. Frame & rigging not included*

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Length Tube Diameter Waterline Weight D-rings per tube Chambers per tube
15' 25" 111" 68 lbs 8 2
14.5' 22" 106" 63 lbs 8 2