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A Colorado River Reader

A Colorado River Reader

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The power and majesty of the Colorado River rises magically from the pages of this unique book, which glorifies all aspects of the mighty river. Fleck (dean of arts and humanities, Community Coll. of Denver) has masterfully drawn together 17 pieces that bring to life the explorers and adventurers of the Colorado River. The collection begins with the traditional Paiute Indian legend in which the rushing waters serve as a warning to couples who cannot overcome their differences. Historical tales of exploration follow, starting with an account of the men who were sent by the Church of Mexico City to discover a route through the canyon region. Also included is Maj. John Wesley Powell's account of the uncharted waters. Robert Brewster Stanton details the ill-fated expeditions to survey the shoreline for a railroad route, John C. Van Dyke captures the river and its snakelike bends, Frank Water emphasizes the environmental concerns of the area, and Georgie Clark and Colin Fletcher describe their adventurous river runs. A comprehensive, well-balanced book that is perfect for armchair travelers and history buffs.DJoyce Sparrow, St. Petersburg P.L., FL
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  • Paperback: 190 pages
  • Publisher: University of Utah Press (April 6, 2000)
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