Collection: Fireside

The Campfire
There’s just something about sitting around a campfire. People unplug and just appreciate the family and friends around them. Some of the best conversations occur while sitting around a campfire, even meals taste better when cooked over an open flame. The campfire is the source of light, a safe zone of warmth and community. Gazing into the flames, we connect to our past. For thousands of years, man has sat around a fire, not just for fun, but for necessity. When we build a campfire, it reminds us of a simpler time.

The campfire remains at the heart of any outdoor adventure, yet it has been overlooked as technology has advanced. Every year we see new tents, better sleeping bags, more comfortable camping chairs, and colder coolers. Everything around the campfire has been innovated with the latest technology, but the campfire remains the same, a hole in the ground that holds destructive capabilities.

Founded in 2016 in Phoenix, Arizona, Fireside Outdoor was created with a simple purpose in mind: Engineer products that make managing an outdoor fire easier and safer. With the help of innovative materials and a team of skillful engineers, we are creating common sense solutions to long lasting problems. From wild fire prevention, to reducing the impact our fires have on the environment.