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Ember Mat Fire Blanket

Ember Mat Fire Blanket

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The Fireside Ember Mat Fire Blanket is the best way to keep your camp clean and tidy by catching the ashes and embers that always find their way out of your firepan. More and more permitted rivers are beginning to require these, and even if they don't, its the right thing to do. Meets requirements for all permitted river stretches, including the Grand Canyon.

For use as a ground cloth under an approved firepan. Measuring 60" x 68", it provides a generous zone of protection around firepans. Made from a thermal weave, the Ember Mat is also coated on both sides in a high-temperature food-grade silicon meaning clean up is quick and easy. This coating also makes the Ember Mat one of only a few fire mats that does not cause skin irritation or itchiness when handling. Fires should not be built directly on the cloth, as prolonged exposure to live flames will degrade the fabric and shorten its lifetime (In an emergency, a small, short duration fire could be built on 3-4 inches of sand mounded on top of the ground cloth.) Used as intended, a Firepan Ground Cloth will give years of use, easing the chore of cleaning up around a firepan.

  • Silicone coated thermal weave fabric
  • Width 60" x Length 68"
  • Approx weight: 4lbs
  • Keeps area around firepan clean
  • Required by many permitted river stretches
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