Collection: Canyon Coolers

Rafting the Grand Canyon’s 225 miles takes weeks to complete. Keeping supplies on ice in 100 degree temperatures for that length of time was nearly impossible with commercially available coolers. Rafting companies experimented with fiberglass containers and later started using the durable kayak plastic making crude double walled boxes and insulating them with expanding foam. Although rudimentary, the thick walled heavy duty coolers could hold up to the elements and were referred to as “Canyon Boxes”.

In 2010 two local rafting enthusiasts in Flagstaff, Arizona acquired and re-branded what is today known as Canyon Coolers. Rafters were soon enjoying cold beverages throughout 27 day trips. Since then, they have developed enhanced seals, latches, and other innovations, while maintaining the heavy duty durability and insulating capabilities that started it all. New sizing and color options coupled with an easy to use website are making ridiculously tough, seriously cold coolers at a reasonable price available to everyone. All this backed by a Lifetime Sh!t Happens Warranty.

Today Canyon Coolers are being utilized nationwide by a loyal following of hunters, rafters, outdoors-men, and a major Southern California university hospital’s blood donor center.