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Whitewater Designs

Pacific River Bag

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The Whitewater Designs Pacific River Mesh Cargo Bags are the easy cargo storage solution for your raft. Referred to as an "everything bag" "santa bag" or "cargo carry-all", the Pacific River Bags are designed to contain your gear in one giant bag in your rear bay. The bag attaches via integrated cam straps that lash to your d-rings and frame, suspending the bag off the floor and allowing it perform at its best. The mesh sidewalls of the bag then come up to a rope cinch closure at the top and a large front-to-back lid buckles down over top of the draw-line closure. Rig to Flip!

  • XS fits 10-12' rafts (52" x 38" lid size, 38" deep)
  • Small fits 12'-14' rafts (62" x 42" lid size, 39" deep)
  • Medium fits 14'-16' rafts (66" x 48" lid size, 42" deep)
  • Large fits 16-18' rafts (66" x 48" lid size, 48" deep)
  • XL - you're bringing too much crap (69" x 69" lid size, 48" deep)
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