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Swig Hydration Pack

Swig Hydration Pack

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Ensure optimal hydration on all your paddling adventures with the NRS Swig Hydration Pack. Designed to seamlessly attach to our PFDs, this pack boasts a generous 2-liter capacity, allowing for uninterrupted paddling and easy access to water.
  • Streamlined design minimizes drag when swimming or upside down.
  • Dual-zip opening gives easy access to the internal HydraPak Elite DSL 2L bladder.
  • Simplex sternum clip with adjustment allows use on different-sized PFDs.
  • Features one attachment point for strobe or light and 3M® reflective accents to increase visibility in low light conditions.
  • 2 liter/67 oz capacity. Bladder and hose included.
Note: The Swig Hydration Pack fits the following 2024 NRS PFDs: Ninja, Ninja OS, Ambient, Zander, Odyssey.
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