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Slipstream Fishing Raft

Slipstream Fishing Raft

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The NRS Slipstream Fishing Rafts are the future of fishing on the river. Made to withstand heavy loads and everyday use, the NRS Slip Stream series is purpose built to help you optimize your time fishing. The 142 and 129 are designed to fit up to 3, while the 106 is a compact design for 1-2.   

  • Whitewater-engineered for ultimate durability with welded seam tube construction and rugged PVC materials plus bottom and top wear patches.
  • Ten D-rings provide tie-down points for a frame or gear.
  • 6" drop-stitch floor provides a super stable platform, eliminating the need for casting platforms.
  • Slip-resistant foam pad provides superior traction and grip when wet and protects the floor from grit and basic wear and tear.
  • Designed for shallow water performance, high-volume tube and floor construction allows anglers to run the riffles or sneak into low-water areas that other rafts can't.
  • Three main air chambers plus the drop-stitch floor insert keeps you afloat in the event of a puncture.
  • Internal anchor system easily controlled from the rower's seat keeps anchor line away from anglers and gear. Includes 3/8" anchor line.
  • Molded Thigh Hooks in the bow and stern (bow only on 106) provide additional support to the front and back anglers.
  • 5-year retail warranty, 3-year commercial.
  • We recommend adding oars, oar locks, an anchor and anchor pulley to complete this package. 
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Length Width Tube Diameter Diminishing Tube Diameter Bow Kick Stern Kick Raft Weight Oar Size
14'2" 6'7" 20" 17" 27" 27" 120lbs 8.5-9ft
12'9" 6'0" 18.5" 16.5" 28" 28" 100lbs 8-8.5ft
10'6" 5'3" 17" 15.5" 25" 24" 79lbs 7.5-8ft