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Scorch X

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Color - Fire Ant

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The Pyranha Scorch X Whitewater Kayak takes all the positives of the design and turns them up to 10 (including the length!); More dry rides. More skip. More speed. More fun. Plane and plow over everything with style and grace, feel unstoppable, and change the game. You won't know what you're missing until you try it.

  • Longer 10' design for MORE SPEED!
  • Sharp, full-length rails for precision performance
  • Tapered stern volume and edge for a clean release when clearing bigger drops
  • Stout2 Outfitting with full sized grab handles


SKU #1693656.1
Size Length Width Volume Weight Capacity Skirt Size
25.5in 95 gal 54 lbs 155-220 lbs XL