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Little Big Mouth Throw Bags

Little Big Mouth Throw Bags

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The Salamander Little Big Mouth Spectra & Poly 70' Throw Bags are every thing paddlers want in a throw bag. Durable, functional, reliable and easy to use, the Little Big Mouth Throw Bag is always there in a time of need. Using a Urethane coated, 500 Denier Cordura bag that can hold up to 70 feet of rope, this is an ideal bag for many rescue situations. The 5/16" diameter Spectra line has a tensile strength of 2500 lbs while the polypro has a tensile strength of 1000lbs. The bag also features an independent clip in attachment and locking carabiner that can be concealed when not in use. Other similar throw bags are the Big Mouth 50 and Big Mouth 70

  • 70' Polypro or Spectra or Polypro Throw Bag
  • Urethane coated 500 Denier Cordura bag (tapered for easy repacking) holds 70' of 5/16" rope
  • Webbing bucket-style handle
  • Anodized aluminum Keylock carabiner (conceals in stash pocket)
  • Independent clip-in attachment
  • 1000lbs tensile Polypro / 2500lbs tensile Spectra
  • Poly has blue tracer, Spectra has red tracer


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