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Color - Rosella Red

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Embrace a new ear of whitewater kayaking with Pyranha Kayaks all new ReactR. The ReactR is not a half-slice nor anywhere near one. It is a full bore creek boat with added agility and a new design unlike anything we have seen before. The ReactR is more dynamic and maneuverable than your "normal creek boat". Its Pivot Hull gives you the ability to do low angle pivot turns. The ReactR carries speed through rapids and combined with its stability, ease of maneuverability, the ReactR is high performance whitewater machine. 

The ReactR is the first boat from Pryanha Kayaks to come with the all new Elite Outfitting. This drastically reduces boat weight, improves comfort and connection to the boat, and adds ease of adjustment without compromising safety and durability.

  • Elite Outfitting
  • Pivot Hull Philosophy
  • Aggressive Kick Rocker


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Size Length Width Volume Weight Opt Paddler Weight Cockpit
M 8'11 27.5 in tbc 51 lbs 155-210 lbs XL
L 9 28 in tbc gal tbc lbs 185-275 lbs XL