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Stern Raft Frame

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Guide your paddle crew from the NRS Stern Raft Frame. Fully adjustable to compensate for the rise built into the stern of your boat.

  • Small size fits boats with 60" or less center-to-center measurement of the side tubes. The Large size works with boats larger than that 60" c-to-c measurement.
  • Adjust the seat, foot bar and oar mounts to customize the rowing station to fit your needs.
  • Hot-forged aluminum alloy LoPro™ Fittings are the heart of the NRS frame system, and allow complete adjustability for all frame parts.
  • NRS 10" Oar Mounts are lighter, sleeker and stronger than ever with hot-forged aluminum alloy construction and a nylon insert to reduce rowing friction.
  • Includes: Side Rails, Universal Seat Mount, Cross Bar, Foot Bar, Low-Back Seat and 10" Oar Towers.
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