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Standard Rescue Throw Bag 75'

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The NRS Standard Rescue Throw Bag is just that: the standard rescue throw bag used by whitewater enthusiasts everywhere. Rugged Cordura nylon bag contains 75' of 3/8" floating polypropylene rope with a max load of 1900 lbs (8.45 kN). Mesh panels allow for quicker drying time.

  • Rugged Cordura bag is tough as nails and comes in two high visibility colors.
  • 2" mesh panel for better drainage and reduced dry time.
  • The 3/8" polypropylene rope is yellow for high visibility.
  • The 75' length rope has a 1,900 pound tensile strength and it floats for good visibility on the water.
  • A barrel-lock drawstring is incorporated in a flared nylon top for smoother throws, plus easy reloading and closure.
  • An elastic loop and 'pocket' will hold a glow stick or "chem light" for low light rescues.
  • Internal foam flotation keeps the bag on the top of the water where you need it for rescue.

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