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MightyLight Dry Sack

MightyLight Dry Sack

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The NRS MightyLight Dry Sack is a versatile, semi-dry stuff sack that can be used to organize gear in a larger dry bag, storing kitchen supplies in a dry box, or stowed in the hatch of a kayak on a self-support mission. This is the perfect, packable sack to help keep gear dry while not breaking the budget.

  • Incredibly lightweight silicone-saturated ripstop nylon is soft and supple.
  • The watertight StormStrip™ folding provides a convenient a carry handle.
  • It is imperative for the sack to be closed properly to prevent water entrance. Start by folding the top strip over, and then fold (as opposed to roll) a minimum of three more times before fastening the buckle.
  • A carabineer attached to the D-ring provides a useful attachment point.
  • The MightyLight is not designed for submersion or to be the sole watertight barrier for sensitive electronics, cameras and other such items vulnerable to water damage. For maximum protection of these items, we recommend to use a hard or soft case with a totally waterproof seal.
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Size Dimensions
3L 5.5" Dia x 5" H
5L 6.5" Dia x 9.5" H
10L 7.5" Dia x 13.75" H
15L 9.5" Dia x 13" H
25L 9.5" Dia x 21.5" H
35L 11.5" Dia x 20.5" H