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Frame Side Rail Racks Decking Platform

Frame Side Rail Racks Decking Platform

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The NRS Side Rail Racks are the perfect answer to extending your raft or cataraft's cargo carrying space. If you're tired of slipping off while unloading your boat or need just a bit more storage space, then its time to invest in some NRS Side Rail Racks. The decking is constructed of high density polyethylene (HDPE) with a textured top coat to provide better traction.

  • Strap dry bags, ammo cans, tackle boxes, Pelican cases, anything you can think of, to your Side Rail Racks.
  • These racks are made with an 8 inch by 3-, 4- or 6-foot piece of 3/4 inch HDPE plastic with a grippy upper surface.
  • The 8" wide decking is connected to the side rails with two hot-forged aluminum pegs. The pegs are attached to the decking with countersunk carriage bolts.
  • The Side Rail Racks do not interfere with Oar Mounts or frame cross members.
  • The decking will lay on top of cross bars, foot bars and seat bars. When supported by cross members they make great walking surfaces.
  • *Coyote Bimini Mounts for NRS Frames don't play well with the Side Rail Racks. We recommend doing a direct mount with the Bimini Deck Mount. Contact us for more info.*

Side Rail Racks

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Rack A B C Weight
3' 18" 7 7/8" 9 3/4" 9.4 lbs
4' 30" 7 7/8" 9 3/4" 12.2 lbs
6' 54" 7 7/8" 9 3/4" 17 lbs