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Angler Seat Bar

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The NRS Angler Seat Bar gives fishermen a birds eye view of the water. The hole patterns on the Universal Seat Plate can be used with a swivel seat or regular low or high back raft seat. This bar is not intended for whitewater use. Widths: 48" - 72"

  • The hole patterns on the seat mount can be used with the High-Back Swivel Seat or Padded Raft Seats.
  • Includes U-bolts, nuts and washers for attaching the LoPros to side rails and the Universal Seat Mount to the seat bar.
  • Made from hot-forged aluminum alloy for a strength-to-weight ratio that can't be beat, the LoPro is the heart of the NRS frame system.
  • Because of the elevated seating position and probable lack of good foot bracing, use caution when the boat is negotiating rapids.

Angler Seat Bar

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