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Speedloader 50' Throw Bag

Speedloader 50' Throw Bag

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The LiquidLogic Speedloader 50' Throwbag takes the hassle out of repacking the rope after use. The bottom of the bag is flat so that it will sit upright on a rock or beach and the three-leafed design lets the top open super wide, making it fast and easy to reload. After stuffing the rope back into the bag, simply draw the top string tight, tuck the sides in and snap the compression strap buckle in place to make the bag tight and compact. The foam-core gives the bag built-in flotation. Mesh separates each section of the bag to help reduce size and allow the rope and bag to dry quickly. Bright green polyurethane-coated nylon pack cloth covers the bag for visibility and durability.

  • 50 ft of .3125 inch MFP rope with HT Core & reflective tracers woven in
  • Average breaking strength: approximately 1,750 pounds
  • Quick-Loading Design
  • Mesh sides for quick drying
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