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Jackson Kayak

Zen 3.0

Zen 3.0

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The newly redesigned Jackson Zen 3.0 whitewater kayak is an evolution of an already great design. The new Zen retains its beginner friendly feel, with ample stability and predictability, while incorporating more modern features like high rise bow rocker and increased safety features. The hull combines an amazingly fun Zen feel, with carving, gliding, and surfing, while adding a new level of stability to the platform. The ease of staying right side up is incredible, while the confidence it provides is welcome on any river. The Zen 3.0 stays on top of the water and the bow lifts over and clears things better than any previous design. It is a dry, confidence-inspiring ride, especially when the river gets steep and keeping your bow up is important.

  • Beginners will love the stability and forgiveness of the Zen, with ample leg room and comfortable, easy-to-adjust outfitting.
  • Intermediates will love the Zen when progressing into bigger and more difficult whitewater, with a boat that is forgiving but not lacking in performance and speed thanks to the high rise bow rocker.
  • Experts will love the speed and maneuverability of the Zen in big water paddling, river running, and creeking, with enough room for overnight gear for those multi-day self-support missions.
  • New ouftiffing design and increased safety features including aluminum alloy grab handles and safety bar.
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Size Length Width Weight Volume Paddler Weight Cockpit
SM 8'1 ft 25.5 in 44 lbs 76 gal 80-160 lbs LG
MD 8'4 ft 26.75 in 47 lbs 89 gal 140-220 lbs LG
LG 8'11 27.8 in 50 lbs 103 gal 200-280 lbs XL