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Jackson Kayak

Happy Seat / Thruster Combo

Happy Seat / Thruster Combo

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The Jackson Kayak Happy Seat / Happy Thruster Combo is the ticket for any playboater looking for improved performance and more pop for aerial moves. The Happy Seat portion helps lock your knees into the thigh braces and allow you something to push downward on for bigger moves. The Happy Thruster increases cockpit volume for more pop and acts as implosion prevention in larger features. Recommended only for advanced playboat use and is not recommened for beginners as it can create an entrapment hazard and must be manually pulled out of the cockpit in the event of a swim. Works in any kayak, but only recommened for playboat use.

  • Tough nylon construction
  • Increased volume and locks your knees in
  • Lightweight and easy to inflate
  • Available separately as well (contact us for info)
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