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Karma Traverse 10

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Color - Flame

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The Jackson Karma Traverse 10 is designed for those looking to do some longer self-support trips without sacrificing whitewater performance. The retractable skeg makes the Traverse blast through flat and boogie water on auto-pilot, allowing you to enjoy the river scenery that much more!

The Traverse features a rear dry hatch, removable foot plates for easy access to storage in the bow, and a mini recessed YakAttack accessory track next to the cockpit to easily mount fishing or other accessories. An optional implosion-proof "Hard Hat" rear hatch gives added security for long expeditions.

  • Designed for self-supporting with a dry hatch and retractable skeg
  • UniShock Bulkhead with removable foot pegs for bow access
  • YakAttack accessory track
  • Optional hard-hatch add-on
SKU #10237.0102
Length Width Volume Capacity
10'3 27in 102 gal up to 240lbs