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Jackson Kayak

Fun 1 & 1.5

Fun 1 & 1.5

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Color - Sky

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The original kid-specific kayak, the Jackson Fun 1 & 1.5 Kids Whitewater Kayaks are the perfect boats for getting the little one's on the water. Derived from the extremely popular Fun series, the Fun 1 and larger 1.5 are extremely stable, easy to roll, quick to maneuver, yet with enough performance to carve and surf. Super adjustable and comfy outfitting means your little ones will have plenty of room to grow and will keep down on the crying because their boat is uncomfortable. The Fun 1/1.5 is the perfect all-around kid's whitewater kayak.

  • Fun, easy to paddle and great to learn in
  • Comfortable, easy adjust outfitting
  • Comes in two sizes
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Size Length Width Weight Capacity Inseam size Skirt Size
Fun 1 63 in 20 in 20 lbs 30-80 lbs < 29in XS