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Jacks Plastic



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The Jack's Plastic Cutthroat is the sports car of rowing catarafts. It is small enough to slip down some very tiny rivers, yet big enough to be able to handle high water (if your skills are up to it!). The frame includes a mesh seat and two mesh floors. If you want to take an extra person with you, simply purchase an extra seat. If you want to use it like a canoe, remove the oar stands from the frame, and propel yourself with a canoe or kayak paddle. The frame makes loading and strapping down gear nice and easy. Even with a huge gear load, this boat remains extremely maneuverable. Perfect for big trips where you want to take your own boat or self supported overnights. Why mess around with a ducky, when you can have a truly maneuverable surfing, fishing, and cargo-carrying machine. Choose between the 16" tubes of the Cutthroat or the 19" tubes of the Super Cutthroat for more bouyancy and greater carrying capacity.

  • PVC Construction
  • 3 Air Chambers
  • Weight Capacity - 580 lb Cutthroat / 650 lb Super Cutthroat
  • Price includes frame with seat and floors
  • 10 year manufacturers warranty
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Size Length Weight Tube Diameter Capacity Air Chambers
Standard 12'4" 56 lbs 16 in 580 lbs 3
Super 12'4" 70 lbs 19 in 650 lbs 3