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H4 Valve

H4 Valve

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The updated H4 Inflate/Deflate Valve is fully compatible with the H3 Valve, found on some older STAR inflatables and on other manufacturers' inflatables. This valve is meant for use in drop-stitch applications and keeps the threads out of the valve plunger. 
  • The H4 Valve and cap are fully compatible with all components of the H3 Valve.
  • The working parts are in the outer portion of the valve, making it easy to clean the valve seal.
  • The valve's inner portion is totally enclosed, with fine holes that help block any debris inside the inflation chamber from getting into the valve seal.
  • H4 high-pressure valves and caps are replaceable, reliable and airtight.
  • The New Short Halkey-Roberts Fill Adapter, # 38501.01, and Halkey-Roberts Valve Wrench, # 38547.01, will work with this valve.
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