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Gator Guard Patch

Gator Guard Patch

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The Gator Guard Patch is an unbeatable solution for repairing dings in plastic, fiberglass, and aluminum surfaces, ensuring a watertight, impenetrable seal. It is ideal for quick fixes on kayaks, canoes, boats, and more, making it the top choice for kayak keel guards and skid plates.
  • Bonds to metal, fiberglass, wood, ABS and PVC plastics and virtually anywhere you need protection.
  • Moldable around flat or curved areas, dents, joints or angles.
  • Easy prep-peel-stick application that cures simply with UV light in under an hour.
  • For indoor repairs, a standard blacklight has UV features, although intensity and curing times will vary.
  • Once cured, Gator Patches can be sanded and painted for a seamless finish.
  • Made in the USA.
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