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Portable Camp Toilet System II

Portable Camp Toilet System II

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The Coyote Portable Camp Toilet System is the perfect cleanable camp toilet, or "groover", for multi-day trips on or off the river. Designed and tested in our own shop.... well, not tested IN the shop, but well-tested. A large opening and fitted seat make the Coyote Toilet System one of the easiest to use and cleanest portable toilets on the market. Light weight (when empty of course) with a comfortable fitted seat and more user days than other popular camping toilets, pottys, commodes or latrines. The Coyote Portable Toilet System is the best choice for long trips away from the comforts of your home bathroom.

The Coyote Toilet's polyethylene box won't soak in odors and the gasketed lid seals tightly to keep those odors at bay while strapped into your raft, cataraft, canoe or vehicle. The compact size makes it easy to rig in most boats, trucks or RVs and the wide base makes for a very stable area of operations, even on semi-uneven ground. A 3 inch drain plug and 3/4 inch hose fitting are welded into the box, making it easy to self-clean at the nearest RV dump station with the included flush-out fittings, hose and plugs.

The Coyote Portable Toilet System meets all BLM, NPS and USFS regulations and will qualify for any permitted river trip, including the Grand Canyon.

Redesigned! Now with a solid 1-piece gasket and higher drain hole to prevent the possibility of leaking.

Carry strap is now INCLUDED!

Need your groover cleaned? Drop it by 4CRS and we'll have Bob's Johns clean it! Toilet clean-outs are $35 and are done every Wednesday (March thru October, please call ahead for winter clean-outs).


  • 60 user waste days.
  • 12x12x14" Polyethylene Toilet Box
  • Durable molded seat
  • 10" Screw-On gasket sealed lid
  • 3" gasket sealed Flush-Out Plug
  • 3/4" Hose Plug with adaptor for easy dumping and clean-out
  • 3"x10" Accordion Drain Hose w/ male thread fitting
  • Carry strap that also secures the seat during transport and storage



Customer Reviews:

"Just wanted to let y'all know that I am pleased with the Coyote River Gear Groover I purchased this year. Sturdy and stable during use. Fits well in the gear stack. No smells when everything is sealed up and in the boat even after five days. When I hooked up both hoses for cleaning and shook the whole box, no leaks! Even when I turned the whole thing upside down. Great Product!" ~ Jeff Fowlds


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