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ClampIt Rod Holder Attachment

ClampIt Rod Holder Attachment

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Use the NRS ClampIT Rod Holder Attachment you can attach your Scotty rod holder onto any NRS or DRE LD frame.  No matter where you sit in the boat, your rod is right where it's needed. Simply lift the ClampIT's attachment lever and move it!

  • Slide the Rod Holder Attachment unit onto the ClampIT, then pop the curved orange rubber piece into its slot to securely lock the unit into place.
  • Then, the patented ClampIT, with its lever-action attachment, clamps right onto our 1 5/8" diameter frame pipe.
  • Screw your Scotty rod holder onto the Rod Holder Attachment piece and adjust it to the desired angle.
  • You can rotate the Rod Holder Attachment 360-degrees by pushing up on the spring-loaded base and turning it just where you want it.
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