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Cobra Mini Oarlock

Cobra Mini Oarlock

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The Sawyer Mini Cobra Oarlock is designed for use with smaller diameter utility and pontoon style oars. They are forged from a specially formulated “Mag 70” high strength bronze alloy chosen for its high tensile strength and corrosion resistance, resulting in a super heavy-duty oarlock that is extremely durable. These bronze oarlocks are also designed to be adjustable to fit your oar and style of rowing.

  • Extra wide horns - spread out the load bearing area and reduce stress on the oar and lock.
  • Elongated Oval Opening – smaller radius at the bottom than the top of the opening and adds 10° to 15° of vertical range of motion. The oar maintains contact with the sidewalls of the lock for a secure fit, while allowing free rotation for sculling and in-water recovery strokes. The extra range of motion allows for stand-up rowing, close-in sculling and more elevation to avoid hazards and obstacles (like those other boaters that always seem to be in the way).
  • Tough Hammered Finish – helps limit the oar’s tendency to “slip to the stop” and eases the ability to perform more advanced rowing techniques with less fatigue.
  • Versatility – Can be fine-tuned to fit almost any oar size and stop style.
  • Total Length: 6-3/4”
  • Mini Shank Dimensions:3“ L x 1/2” Diam.
  • Horn Opening:Adjustable 2”
  • Sold individually
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