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Cataract Cutthroat Oar Blade

Cataract Cutthroat Oar Blade

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The Cataract Cutthroat Oar Blade is designed with a scooped out profile to give you the most out of every stroke. The design also boasts a greater submerged surface area that makes for maximum propulsion in low water. Combined with its asymmetrical shape, this is the go to blade for fishermen and anglers that need the ability to maneuver in low water conditions and in late season. The shallow water blade will help ensure you can still hit those hard to catch low water fishing holes. Made in the USA. Compatible with the SGG, SGX‚ X Wound‚ and Streamlite oar shafts.

  • The 8.5 inch wide, 27.5 inch long blade puts more of the blades surface area underwater to give you maximum propulsion in any water condition.
  • Grooved blade insert prevents silt buildup inside the oar shaft and makes removal easy.
  • Easy-to-use push-button system secures the 1-5/8 inch blade insert in place and makes it a breeze to switch out blades when needed. No tools necessary.
  • Floating blade keeps the oar in the oar lock when you let go to net the big one.
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Weight: Blade Material: Blade Size: Insert Size:
2.9 lbs High-density polyurethane with a composite core 8.5″ W x 27.5″ L 1 5/8” diameter