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Lion Cataraft

Lion Cataraft

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Strong and powerful like its namesake, the AIRE Lion Catarafts will make the haul with style and ease. These boats have a load capacity comparable to catarafts with 2 more feet of length, thanks to their large diameter tubes and snub noses. The Lion 14' was designed to carry lots of gear on a variety of whitewater, especially smaller, tighter rivers where boat length is a factor. The Lion 16' is an excellent choice for extended river trips where hauling equipment and sustenance (beer) is essential. This boat is incredibly stable and has a very shallow draft for low water trips. The Lion 16' carries a huge load, comparable to the 18' Leopard. The Lion 18' is the big daddy, meant for hauling huge loads for multi-week trips like the Grand Canyon.

  • ­AireCell System - PVC Shell / Urethane Liner
  • Valve Type: Leafield C-7 & Pressure Relief
  • Warranty: 10 Year- No Fault
  • Includes repair kit
  • Frame Sold Separately

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Length Tube Diameter Rocker Weight Waterline
14' 25.5in 27in 78 lbs 114in
16' 27.5in 32in 93 lbs 132in
18' 27.5in 32in 110 lbs 156in