Collection: Pelican Cases

Pelican Products is a global manufacturer of advanced lighting systems, rugged protector cases and shipping containers with annual sales in excess of US $300 million. Our facilities include 6 manufacturing plants, 6 distribution centers and numerous sales offices around the world.

Beginning in 1974, Pelican Products was founded by an avid sport diver named Dave Parker, who introduced the first O-ring sealed injection molded case and also developed a line of high performance dive lights.

Pelican flourished throughout the 80s and 90s, and was purchased by Behrman Capital in 2004. In 2005 Lyndon Faulkner was appointed CEO, and a new era of management and exceptional growth began. Manufacturing automation, performance metrics and a global expansion are a few examples of the positive changes introduced under Faulkner’s leadership.

Recognizing the importance of its military markets, Pelican Products appointed former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Peter Pace (retired) as Chairman of the Board in April of 2008.

But the most dramatic events in Pelican’s history have come through strategic acquisitions:

-The opportunities of emerging Asian markets were met through the acquisition of a key distributor, Pelican Australia in March of 2008.

-Soon after, Blue I UK, Ltd., and the important technology behind their Remote Area Lighting Systems were acquired in September of the same year, forming Pelican’s Advanced Area Lighting Group.

-In December of 2008, Pelican Products acquired Hardigg Industries of South Deerfield MA, a $135 million manufacturer of roto-molded cases, forever changing the landscape of the reusable shipping container market.

Today we manufacture an ever-expanding line of injection molded Protector Cases, rugged shipping containers, professional grade flashlights and Remote Area Lighting Systems.

Through the years the people at Pelican have stayed focused on the foundation of our success: the quality of our products and taking care of our customers.