AIRE Lion Cataraft

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Lion Cataraft

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Strong and powerful like its namesake, the AIRE Lion Cataraft will make the haul with style and ease.  These boats have a load capacity comparable to catarafts with 2 more feet of length, thanks to their large diameter tubes.  The Lion 14' was designed to carry lots of gear on a variety of whitewater, especially smaller, tighter rivers where boat length is a factor.  The Lion 16' is an excellent choice for extended river trips where hauling equipment and sustenance (beer) is essential.  This boat is incredibly stable and has a very shallow draft for low water trips.  The Lion 16' carries a huge load, comparable to the 18' Leopard.

For extra durability this model is available constructed with Urethane fabric. Please call for pricing.


Length Tube Diameter Weight Capacity
14' 25.5 in 89 lbs 1280 lbs
16' 27.5 in 96 lbs 1679 lbs

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