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Paco Pad Super 2x28x78

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After you sleep one night on a Jack's Plastic Welding Paco Pad, it is hard to imagine using anything else on the river or in the back of your truck.

Each Paco Pad is constructed with Heavy Duty, waterproof PVC (the same material used to build rafts) covering high density foam, and has a water tight, self inflating air valve. Simply press the buckles to release the straps, open the valve, and the Pad will inflate itself.

Paco Pads are designed for use in some of the toughest environments. The extra dense foam smooths out the rough spots in the ground and the tough PVC material means you don't need to worry about punctures. We continually get comments like "Paco Pads are the best friend my back ever had."

Pacos can also be used to pad gear on rafts and to aid insulation of coolers!

Paco Pad Super Dimensions: 2" x 28" x 78"


Size Length Width Thickness  
Super 78 in 28 in 2 in