Gringo's Guide to Mexican Whitewater, 2nd ed.

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Mexico is mountainous with deep and rugged canyons. The vegetation varies from desert to tropical rainforest with cacti and bromeliads sometimes intertwined. Exotic birds such as parrots, parakeets, scarlet macaws and oropendula are found as well as howler monkeys. It is a land with many mysterious ancient ruins, people with a culture different from the United States. The rivers course through this intriguing landscape, often cascading down waterfalls. The many springs often are the source of rivers and, elsewhere rivers disappear underground.

South of the boarder is a whitewater paradise of year-round boating. Mexico is a foreign land that is easily accessible to the paddlers of the United States. It is a place where river adventures await.

In this book, Tom Robey shares the information he has gathered from over twenty years of adventures and exploration of Mexican whitewater more that that, he shares his insights and respect of the land and culture just as exciting as the whitewater.