Down River

Yampa 4-Bay Cat Frame

$1130.00 to $1675.00
$1130.00 to $1675.00
Item #M0539

The Down River Equipment Yampa 4-bay Cataraft Frame is designed for multi-day trips and easily carries a combination of two large coolers/dry boxes plus passengers. Or, if it’s a cargo cat that you looking for, this frame is easily configured to carry a combination of three large coolers or dry boxes. Frame includes oar towers. Shown with optional accessories.

XD model frames use 1.5" ID aluminum and will accommodate up to 16' tubes. LD model frames use 1.25" ID aluminum and will accommodate up to 13' tubes.

All DRE whitewater frames are constructed with swaged joints and Speed-Rail fittings for the best combination of strength, adjustability, and breakdown for any sort of travel. DRE whitewater frames are made with schedule 40 6063 T6 aluminum pipe for maximum strength and minimum weight.

Each DRE frame is custom designed to specifically fit not only your raft or cat, but also your personal needs from a day/play frame to multi-week expeditions. When you purchase a frame from DRE we will set the length and width to fit your boat and the bay openings to fit your needs. Because DRE fabricates their own frames to order, the answer to "Can you....?" is "Yes!".

All DRE frames are designed with safety and function in mind. Only DRE frames utilize the cargo area in your cat or raft most efficiently - DRE seats are hinged and fold forward to access a cooler or drop bag underneath - DRE kick bars are designed to support your feet and a dry box or drop bag. With a DRE frame there is virtually no wasted space.

Frames longer than 96" require a vertical brace
Double Rail frames longer than 96" require a horizontal brace. 

­Please give us a call at 1-800-4Corners to discuss dimensions and options.

Prices listed are for the base model of each frame (which includes oar towers and kick bar).