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Throw Bags
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Coyote River Gear

Throw Bags

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Our Coyote Rescue Throw Bags are built tough with durable Cordura bags with polyester mesh bottoms for draining. The bag includes an adjustable, heavy-duty polyester strap handle that is sewn down two sides of the bag for strength. The handle includes a Fastex buckle for ease of clipping into your kayak, canoe or raft.  Standard bags come filled with 3/8" polypropylene, high visibility, floating, rescue rope in 50 or 75 foot lengths. Deluxe bags feature 1/4" Dyneema for 50' model and 3/8" NFPA Rescue for 75' model.
  • Reinforced Cordura bag
  • Adjustable handle with Fastex buckle
  • Mesh bottom for draining
  • 3/8" polypropylene rescue line (1900 lbs tensile strength) for standard bags
  • 1/4" Dyneema for 50' Deluxe (2500 lbs tensile) and 3/8" NFPA Rescue Rope for 75' Deluxe (3300 lbs tensile)


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