GTS / EcoSafe ECO-Safe Portable Toilet System

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GTS / EcoSafe

ECO-Safe Portable Toilet System



The ECO-Safe RK Ammobox Portable Toilet System is a 50 user day camp toilet, or "groover", designed to fit into a 20 mm ammo can or rocket box. The ECO-Safe system can also be used as a stand alone washable and reusable toilet and its cubical shape saves 20% of the space required by a round bucket type toilet system. The complete system includes a 5.5 gal. tank, full sized comfortable seat with lid, washout kit for flushing, pressure relief vent, and buttress threaded & gasketed closures. Tank size is 17.0" x 7.5" x 13.5" tall. All tank corners are well rounded for easy cleaning. All fasteners and accessories are made from rustproof materials. Meets BLM, NPS, and USFS requirements for washable and reusable toilet systems. 50 user waste days.

  • 5.5 gallon Polyethylene Box
  • ABS Plastic Seat w/ lid
  • 6" Screw Lid Top
  • 3" Flush-Out Plug
  • 1/2" Plug
  • Hose to Box Adaptor
  • 3x10" Drain Hose w/ female thread fitting
  • Plug wrench tool


Size Length Width Height
50 User Days 17" 7.5" 13.5"
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